Agentura Repro is Czech company established in 1993.
Between years 1993-2009 we organized export from China for well known European bicycle’s manufactures (assembling companies). During this time we gain numerous reliable contacts in Asia and found leading OEM manufacture who became our strategic partner in China. This company is second biggest Chinese manufacture in bicycles business.
In early 2009 we looked up more products related to bicycle business and imported our first e-bikes to EU. Due to our experiences in bicycle industry, from beginning our goal is our e-bike look as a normal bike.
In 2011, when ebikes and electric conversion kits already found their customers we began the cooperation with University of Olomouc and started to develop our first handbike together.
The same year was created team of 5 people working continuously on this new project. It took the whole year to test and finalized today´s COMP handbike.
In 2012 started program „Mobility in own hands”. This program focuses on people with special needs.
In 2012 were also founded first test centers around Czech Republic. We cooperate with rehabilitation centers where you can test COMP handbikes. In those centers, there is guaranteed qualify advisory and training for COMP handbike clients.

COMP handbike can be ridden in the city town as well as in the terrain (biking). There is a hub motor with 250W and peak power of 350W* (COMP handbike is using PAS system=support of motor runs since user begin and keep on turning of handles). COMP handbike makes the ride easier and at the same time prolongs distance of a bike trip. COMP handbike is approved to ride on cycle paths.

* peak power will be achieved only if pedaling. All according EN15194.

Check out one of the first test drives in forest terrain :


For detail pictures use magnifying glass.